From the recording Then And Now

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I guess love was something that
I never really thought of
I'd heard when she'd come
I'd hear it from the man above
Now I know, that everything
I ever heard was true
'Cause somethin' went and
Kicked me in the rear the
First time I saw you

Now I can't believe
There was a time that you
Weren't with me
And I can't conceive
That a love could really
Set me free
Now honey don't ya ever
Think of bein' untrue
'Cause I don't want to think
About lovin' anybody but you

Now life's a ball you make livin'
Every day worth while
I never thought that lovin' one
Woman was my style
But all that's changed cause
You're the only little lady for me
My drinkin' and carousin' days
Are ancient history