1. Living A Lie

From the recording Then And Now

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In my heart, lies a memory
Of her sweet love, and Her holding me
But the way that she's holding me now
Just ain't the same
You've been cold,
now for a while
It's got me thinkin'
You're fooling around
'Cause last night in the dark
I heard you callin' his name

I can hear it in your voice
I can see it in your eyes
You're with me today,
But he'll hold you tonight
Oh baby, I can't keep living this lie

Suspicion, it's taking it's toll
You're gone all the time
But I don't know where you go
And it's tearing me up
I'ts chilling me right to the bone
Deception, that's where you rule the game
I'm the only one to lose
And you win my pain
And it's me that waits
Alone in this empty home