1. Rat Race

From The Recordings Html

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Up every morning and it’s off to work
I’m on the job all day
It aint much but it’s a living
And I’ve got bills to pay
Sweating like a pig
In a dead-end gig
Aint no kinda life for me
One of these days I’ve gotta get away
Fore it gets the best of me

Cause I’m stuck in a rat race
Same old job a different day
Too much work
And not enough play
I’ve got the working man blues
I can’t win for lose
I gotta get outta this place
Get outta this rat race

Well I’m doing what I can
Just working for the man
Trying to make ends meet
I’m the first in line come quitting time
I’ve got a cold beer calling me
When the week is through
I got some drinking to do
I’ve been cooped up way too long
I’ve got some tracks to make
Man I just can’t wait
Tonight I’m gonna tie one on